Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ultimaker 2

For years my wife has listened to me think about buying or building a 3D printer.  At heart I am a cheapskate and can not justify spending a lot of money on a toy.  I even had a account and would spend time "liking" things I would print if I only had the printer...

Well, I think my wife got sick of me talking about getting a printer. She not only purchased it for me, but she got what I consider to be one of the top of the line hobby printers: the Ultimaker 2 (  I think one of the things that finally convinced her is when she started checking out thingiverse and found stuff she wanted me to print.

I have only had it for about three days, but I can truly say that the Ultimaker 2 is a joy to work with. Although expensive, it came fully assembled and I had it out of the box and making my first print in less than an hour.  It has been printing almost non-stop since then.  I have made over 24 prints and the thing keeps running: puddle jumper, toy daleks, keychains, hooks, 3d puzzles, all kinds of stuff. Here are a few pictures:  

I am sure more is to come...

- Dirk